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How to choose the air conditioner

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How to choose the air conditioner

Hot days are coming to the joy of the companies which are selling air conditioners which know they will increase their sales ten times. But how do you choose from the customer position the right device?

A purchase made under the pressure of degrees that is still getting high in the thermometer is not the most inspired, the consultants say. When you are choosing the air conditioner, you have to plan it, knowing some technical details and considering an extremely important aspect: who will perform the installation. By price, by capacity, by brand … Not only the price makes the difference between the different devices on the market. It is true that a more expensive device most likely brings additional benefits during use.

In choosing the device, we must first take into account the surface that we have to cool down. Most often they sell, says the consultant of a company that sells air conditioners, but also assures their installation, the devices with a capacity of 12,000 btu. Theoretically, for an area of ​​up to 25 m2, a capacity of 9,000 btu is enough. For surfaces up to 35 m2 we should use a 12,000 btu device, between 35-50 m2 – 18,000 btu, and for larger surfaces, appliances of 24,000 btu.

In practice, the consultant says, we will find that a very powerful device used to cool a 3-4 rooms apartment is not exactly the most efficient method. “Theoretically, we should have an air conditioner for each room. A very powerful device is not practical for a house, less than that for an apartment. It gets you ended up, it affects your health, you need to have very high rooms. That is why, as I was saying, usually 12,000 btu devices are used, which are used for two or even three rooms, because the installation problem also occurs.

Even if you have money for air conditioning for each room, the cold trail has to be done and there are not always technical solutions, unless you have been thinking about it since the house was built” the consultant says. What costs imply outside the price of the machine itself, we must think that the air conditioner also involves other costs. If the trader’s offer does not specify “the assembly included in the price”, for such services we should reserve amounts that start from at least 100£, depending on the capacity, the cold route, the place where the compressor is installed, etc.

At the cost of the manual labour we also add, if the cold route is more than 3 m, as usually it is included, and the price of the materials. The price of the device varies by brand, device capacity, power class, etc. The devices with inverter technology are preferred today because, over time, they lead to a consistent economy to electricity bill and, moreover, they have proven their efficiency in the heating function (if you think you will also use the device in cold season).

An important higher cost of buying a device from a retailer that assures the installation will prove a good deal sooner than you think, in fact, says the consultant. “Who provides the service and installation is a very important issue, a key question, not a detail to think about after finding a good offer on the Internet, so to say. Perhaps, in the end, you find a company that does a good job, but it is very important to have the maintenance done, not to have to call them from another locality, for example.

Beyond that, if the company that delivered your device runs also the installation has the more responsibility for what it does. There are situations, and not a few, where installation failures affect the operation of the device, “the consultant said.


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