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Domestic Cleaning in London

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Service Description

Domestic Cleaning in London

Thanks to the cleaning companies with which we collaborate, Services & Business London offers regular domestic cleaning services in London that meet our customers’ needs. Our highly-trained, experienced cleaners are fully vetted and insured for your complete peace of mind. For a small additional fee we can cover the cleaner’s holidays for you so that the cleaning service is both reliable and consistent.

Our services are flexible and affordable, designed to meet all our customers’ needs. Our highly-trained and experienced cleaners are fully vetted and insured for our customers’ complete peace of mind. We have a flexible regular cleaning service, no matter if you got a pile of ironing that you need for the weekend, or a dirty oven after your Sunday roast, you can rely on us.  We have no hidden costs and we don’t charge any extra.

For a small extra fee we can also cover the cleaner’s holidays for you so that the cleaning service is both reliable and consistent.

The cleaners are trained to carry out a variety of housekeeping tasks to the highest standard:

  • Lounge / living areas cleaning in London – dusting and wiping surfaces and furniture, tidying, emptying waste bins, vacuuming carpets, floor sweeping and mopping.
  • Kitchen, cleaning in London – clean cupboards, worktops, sink area, appliances, floors and furniture, including ovens, microwaves and washing-up.
  • Bathroom, cleaning in London – wash and disinfect the bathroom including the toilet, sink, shower, bath, counter top, and mirrors.
  • Bedroom, cleaning in London – dusting and cleaning all surfaces: headboards, dressing areas and window sills.
  • Laundry, cleaning in London – washing and ironing services.

Our house cleaning rates are £12 per hour for at least a 3-hour visit. No long service contracts, no hidden extras, just skilled labour at an affordable rate.

We know that the environment where you live or you work is important for you to be flawlessly. When everything shines you are more optimistic, more productive and happier.

Because we want to build long lasting relationships, we have the best price offer if you subscribe to our services in a continuous period. Call with trust for our services to save time and money, with all the advantages of a clean and healthy environment!

We use professional equipment with which we remove allergens of any kind. In addition, with the help of professional branded solutions, we do not only clean but also disinfect the house, killing 99% of germs.

For your inconvenience to be minimized, we quickly perform any work, without compromising the quality, adapting to the needs of your house. General cleanliness are ready in about 2 and half hours in case of a studio and in case of an apartment the cleanliness lasts between 4 to 6 hours, depending on its surface and what it should be done. General cleaning of a house with 4-5 rooms can take between 5 and 8 hours, depending on the case.

Leave your house in good hands! We focus both on the training of our staff and the safety of your house, always selecting qualified and verified staff without a criminal record. We offer safe and professional cleaning services in London.

Regardless of the complexity, we treat each job with professionalism and responsibility, because the customer satisfaction is our main objective. We offer the quality guarantee and responsibility, from all points of view.

It is your natural desire to find out more references about those who stand behind our cleaning companies with which we collaborate and about the team itself that is coming to your house. After all, besides a perfect cleaning you want to know the house safely, do not worry about the team that we entrust its cleanliness will cause damages. Therefore, we assure you that we are working with a reliable staff, discreet and always willing to give you advice when needed.

Their services are flexible so that tenants and owners can choose the day, duration and frequency of the clean. They use their own equipment and cleaning materials which are of high quality and the prices are very competitive. The team pays attention to details and the customer can tell them if there are any items or areas that need special attention or areas that you do not want cleaned.


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