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What you need to know about the air conditioning systems

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What you need to know about the air conditioning systems

The summer is coming and we thought that a presentation guide for air conditioners is useful. That is because it is not always the most important to get an air-conditioner with a great capacity. Below you will find information that will help you to understand what types of air conditioners are on the market.

Air conditioners with and without inverter

The modern air conditioners were released to the market and used for the first time on a large scale in 1902 by inventor Willis Carrier. Since then, they have seen many improvements that help us cool down even in the hottest places on the planet. Or warm up in the winter, if it is necessary.

The non-inverter AC devices are older models, only capable of cooling the air. Its compressor has one way of working: it works at full power, or it is turned off.  The AC inverters are much more efficient and they can be used for cooling but also for air heating. The newer technology allows the cooling compressor to operate at a variable power level. This reduces the consumption by 30% on average, because it can gradually reduce the compressor power and fan speed to keep the ambient temperature at the set value of the remote control once the desired temperature has been reached. If you have a non-inverter device in your house, functionally, you should know that a new inverter will pay off its cost quickly.

Split, Double or Multi Split (Ductless) type of air conditioners

These are the most common AC models for household use. The most common is the Split model, consisting of two elements: the compressor, installed outside the building and the indoor unit; the two units are connected by ducts that allow the air, condensation and current cables to circulate.

Multi Split Air Conditioners

The Double and Multi Split models are characterized by the fact that you can connect two or more indoor units to a single outdoor unit. The advantage is financial as well as by means of comfort. A single air conditioner, if it is too small, will not have the power to cool a large room or a house and will damage faster. On the other hand, too much power will cool a single area too quickly in the effort to cool the entire space, with a very high current consumption, will not manage to reduce the humidity sufficiently, nor maintain the thermal comfort. It would not only give an unpleasant sensation but it would be particularly harmful especially when the air speed exceeds 3 m / s.

The Multi Split system offers a lower noise level and a considerably reduced power consumption that can quickly recover (2-3 years) the price difference from the split model.

Duct and ceiling-installing type of air conditioners

These are air conditioners that suit to multi-room or high-rise buildings due to the high costs and specific installation and operating conditions because they are basically complex air conditioning systems.

In the case of the Duct appliances, the air circulates through pipes which are buried inside the walls. It is the best solution for buildings designed from zero. From the very beginning, it is possible to estimate the level of power required for uniform cooling, and it is possible to make routes in the ceiling and walls (ducts) to efficiently cool all the rooms in the building. The system has the great advantage of allowing a rigorous control of air temperature and humidity throughout the space.

The ceiling-installed appliances are used in the office desks where most of the false ceilings are found. Basically, the advantages of this system are related to the natural circulation of cold air, which keeps its efficiency even though it lowers the ceiling at a lower speed. This solves the problem of comfort and succeeds in satisfying everyone.

Portable Air Conditioners

The portable air conditioners consist of a single unit, movable and an exhaust pipe. It is useful in specific situations where it is needed or we want to move it from one place to another because of its low weight – about 30 kg.

Although the mobility is the main advantage, besides the fact that it does not require a professional installation, you can basically order it and you can immediately enjoy the air conditioning, it comes with a number of disadvantages. They are noisy, the exhaust pipe must go outside the room which is cooled – for example, outside the window, it is limited by the length of the exhaust pipe, it has a lower thermal efficiency, and the humidity in the room forces you to empty over time the water container.


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