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Types of underfloor heating system

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Types of underfloor heating system

If you have to choose an underfloor heating system, you have to know that you have several options to choose from. Choosing this underfloor heating system will depend on how much space you want to heat up and how you want this heating to take place.

Some experts from London in thermal Installations show you the three types of underfloor heating systems so that you will know how to choose a certain type of floor heating:

  1. Underfloor heating system by hydraulic firing
  2. Electric underfloor heating system
  3. Underfloor heating system with wood
  4. Underfloor heating system by hydraulic firing

There is one type of under floor heater in the market that is efficient enough to heat the entire space – that is the hydraulic system.

The underfloor heating with a hydraulic system is a system of pipes placed under the floor where the water is heated by a boiler and is continuously pumped to heat the house. The hydraulic system is quite complex and complete but requires a lot of maintenance for proper operation. For this type of system you also have to choose an energy source for heating the boiler. You can choose gas, oil, electrical, solar or geothermal power. Among the disadvantages we remind you that this hydraulic system takes a few hours to heat up and should be used continuously to provide the house with a comfortable temperature.

  1. Electric underfloor heating system

If you want underfloor heating for small places (bathrooms, kitchens), the electric under floor heating system is best suited. This system is also effective for heating the entire house, the only disadvantage is the high cost of the electricity bill. You must know that the electrical heating is easy to install and especially maintain.

  1. Underfloor heating system with wood

This wood burning system works almost the same as the hydraulic system, but instead of a boiler, a wooden box should be used to heat the water flowing through the system.

The major disadvantage of this type of wood heating is heating in tandem and is rarely used as the only one source of heat.

Why to choose the underfloor heating system?

When the weather cools down, the cold air descends to the floor, making us feel it even when the radiators or the stove are warm. Worse, if you rely on an air conditioner hanging somewhere up the wall, things get even more complicated because the hot air gets down to the floor, hard. As the laws of physics can not be changed, the solution is that the warm air to come from below and, naturally going up, to warm the entire room evenly. This is possible by installing a special underfloor heating system.

The comfort from uniform heat is just one of the many benefits of a underfloor heating system. It becomes invisible, saving the space occupied by radiators or other heating systems. It is easy to control and it can be distributed under the floor in a uniform way or according to certain criteria. It is perfect when you have children, especially for babies who are just beginning to walk and for whom the floor is the predominant playground.

Such kind of underfloor heating system almost completely eliminates the risk of molding in the floor, in the corners or on the outside walls. It is also more efficient because less heat is needed to reach a comfortable room temperature, unlike the classic systems where the ceiling becomes the hottest place in the house and an extra amount of energy is needed to reach the temperature desired near the floor.

 The underfloor heating system, useful in multiple situations

Not just in the house, you can benefit from an underfloor heating system. Equally well, it can be installed in a gym where work is very much at floor level, in a nursery or in a kindergarten where the children are hard to control in clothing. Such a system can be installed even outdoors in an open-air field to get rid of snowing or on a very steep exit ramp from a garage where any layer of glazed frost or snow makes your life difficult.


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