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House Extensions-Double Storey

£54,500 £39,900

House Refurbishment in London. New Build in London.

Flat Refurbishment in London. New Build in London.

House Extension and Refurbishment in London.

Loft Conversion and Refurbishment in London.

House Renovation and Refurbishment in London.

Office Refurbishment, Shop Refurbishment in London.

Bathroom and Kitchen Refurbishment in London.

Electricians and Plumbers in London. Refurbishment London.

Kitchen Furniture Fitting in London. Cleaning in London.

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Service Description

Extensions ( Double Storey )

Construction/Refurbishment Projects:

  • Remove exterior wall and install structural beam
  • Building the foundation
  • Build exterior walls, including interior and exterior plastering
  • Run new electrical wiring
  • Install new Combi boiler and central heating system including new radiators
  • Complete gas installation for the boiler and gas cooker
  • Run new drainage for kitchen
  • Build plasterboard interior walls, including earthwool insulation.
  • Build plasterboard ceiling, including earthwool insulation.
  • Build Thermal plasterboard walls.
  • Installing new flooring (hardwood floor / tiles / floor tiles )
  • Installing UPVC windows
  • Plastering all interior walls and ceilings
  • Installing new roof, including pipes, drainage, shingles and all the necessary materials
  • Thermal insulation for the roof
  • Painting and decorating all interior walls and ceilings
  • Scaffolding
  • Final rubbish clearance after the refurbishment is complete

Price: Starting from £49.900 + Vat

Duration of the project:  60-70 working days

Payment method:  30% paid up front, 30% after the first fitting, 30% after the second firing and 10% at the completion of the project.


* All the materials and the transport are included

* We can do the project with our architects only at the client’s request

* Cabinetry and furniture installed only at client’s request

* Public liability insurance

* Electrical and gas safe certificate issued upon completion

* End of refurbishment cleaning

* Each extra work requested by customers during the project will be notified on time and price will be sent in writing within 24-48 hours, depending on the complexity of the project. The requested changes will start only after the customer’s approval and they will be added to the initial quote.

* All works are executed according to a written contract, which includes all the details of the project and final prices.

Extensions ( Double Storey )

A two storey extension project could be the perfect solution to transform your home. It is the best way to increase the living space and bedroom accommodation at the same time. If you find that your home is too small, or you have a growing family, an extension like this could be the right solution for you.

It may also prove more cost-effective compared to buying a new house or building a single storey extension or outbuilding. A two-storey extension spreads the cost of the foundations and the roof – bringing down the average construction cost per square meter. The rear of a house is usually the best position to add a two-storey extension on a terraced house or semi-detached property.

Construction – Refurbishment & Renovation London, together with its partners, takes care of everything that has to be done from removing a throwing away old furniture, demolish and completely renovating apartments, houses, shops and offices, setting up the necessary installations, to assembling new furniture and final clean up.

If your property has a large outdoor area there may be the potential to extend over two storeys at the side. In some instances, an extension can wrap around multiple sides of a property. If there are restrictions regarding the roof height, you could still extend into the roof space to form a one-and-a-half-store extension. You could also dig down into the ground and build two storeys without affecting room height. This could result in a basement level or split-level design and can work well on a sloping site.

If needed, we can also take care of all the paperwork, besides the construction part, only to give the customer confidence and peace of mind. We can apply for the needed permissions and certification and also arrange council inspections. Depending on each case, you might need a planning permission, demolition permission, consent for the scheduled monument and other types of approval from the local authorities.

Construction – Refurbishment & Renovation London, together with our partners, can offer you the house extension you have been dreaming of. Who does not want to have more space and if your house can be extended, why not take advantage of this? Many would ask why not move into a new, bigger home? But when you have invested into your actual home and if it’s in a neighborhood and area that is convenient for you, buying a new home is out of the question. So you look for other solutions such as house extension.

Construction – Refurbishment & Renovation London is a trustworthy company in London with more than 20 years of experience. We work with the best professionals in this field, that is why we are able to finish any project in due time and offer the best results.

Once you have decided to have an extended double storey we will first come to your home to see the extend of the project and talk to you about all the details. We can also advise you on what changes to make, how to make the most efficient use of space and how the extension project will go along. We take pride in what we do, that is why we want every project to turn out perfect, so that you will be completely satisfied with your new home.


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