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Extensions and Refurbishment in London 7
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House Extensions – One Storey

£38,500 £29,900

House Refurbishment in London. New Build in London.

Flat Refurbishment in London. New Build in London.

House Extension and Refurbishment in London.

Loft Conversion and Refurbishment in London.

House Renovation and Refurbishment in London.

Office Refurbishment, Shop Refurbishment in London.

Bathroom and Kitchen Refurbishment in London.

Electricians and Plumbers in London. Refurbishment London.

Kitchen Furniture Fitting in London. Cleaning in London.

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Service Description

House Extensions – One Storey

Construction/Refurbishment Projects:

  • Remove exterior wall
  • Building the foundation for house extension
  • Build exterior walls, including interior and exterior plastering
  • Install structural beam
  • Run new electrical wiring
  • Install new Combi boiler and central heating system including new radiators
  • Complete gas installation for the boiler and gas cooker
  • Run new drainage for kitchen
  • Build plasterboard interior walls, including earthwool insulation.
  • Build plasterboard ceiling, including earthwool insulation.
  • Build Thermal plasterboard walls.
  • Installing new flooring (hardwood floor / tiles / floor tiles )
  • Installing UPVC windows
  • Plastering all interior walls and ceilings
  • Installing new roof, including pipes, drainage, shingles and all the necessary materials
  • Thermal insulation for the roof
  • Painting and decorating all interior walls and ceilings
  • Final rubbish clearance after the refurbishment is complete

Price: Starting from £35.000 + Vat

Duration of the project 45-55 working days

Payment method 30% paid up front, 30after the first fitting, 30% after the second firing and 10% at the completion of the project.


* All the materials and the transport are included

* We can do the project with our architects only at the client’s request

* Cabinetry and furniture installed only at client’s request

* Public liability insurance

* Electrical and gas safe certificate issued upon completion

* End of refurbishment cleaning

* Each extra work requested by customers during the project will be notified on time and price will be sent in writing within 24-48 hours, depending on the complexity of the project. The requested changes will start only after the customer’s approval and they will be added to the initial quote.

* All works are executed according to a written contract, which includes all the details of the project and final prices.

Construction – Refurbishment & Renovation London

House Extensions – One Story

It did not pass so long since you settled into your home, but something changed and now you need more space.

Maybe you have a new addition to the family and your need a new bedroom, maybe you have decided to work from home and you need an office or maybe you just decided you want that big kitchen you have always dreamed of.

By maximizing the usage of your house, you also increase its value.

No matter the reason, extending your home is a good idea.

House extension in London is one of the things that we are experts in.

Thanks to our partnerships with a whole range of suppliers in London, as well as architects, interior designers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, builders and much more, we can provide everything that the client asks for.

If needed, we can also take care of the paperwork, besides the construction, only to give the client confidence and the peace of mind.

We can apply for the needed permissions and certification and also arrange council inspections.

Depending on each case, you might need a planning permission, demolition permission, consent for the scheduled monument and other types of approval from the local authorities.

Types of extensions

Depending on what you need and the type of house you are living in, you can choose from various types of extensions.

Front porch

You might want to add some additional space to the front of the property.

A front porch can help you have more space for the shoes and coats and also more storage space for various things.

A new entrance door will also help prevent heat from escaping and provide extra security.

Side extension

If you have a small garden in the back of the house, you might want to leave it that way and do a side extension instead.

You will need permission for a side extending from the local council.

You can use this space for a seating area, living room dining room or even kitchen-dining-living room.

Rear extension

This is the most common type of extension as it adds the most value to the building.

This space can enhance the kitchen and/or dining area.

Two -storey extension

You can also choose to extend on the ground and the first floor at the same time.

Why do building projects every few years when you can do it all at once?


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