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Loft Conversion – 3 Bedroom

£64,500 £48,900

Refurbishment House in London. New Build in London.

Refurbishment Flat in London. New Build in London.

Extension House and Refurbishment in London.

Loft Conversion and Refurbishment in London.

Renovation House and Refurbishment in London.

Refurbishment Office, Refurbishment Shop in London.

Refurbishment Bathroom and Kitchen in London.

Electrician and Plumber in London, Refurbishment London.

Kitchen Furniture Fitting in London. Cleaning in London.

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Service Description

Loft Conversion ( 3 Bedroom + 1 bathroom )

Construction/Refurbishment Projects:

  • Remove the existing roof
  • Installing new roof, including pipes, drainage, shingles and all the necessary materials
  • Build exterior walls, including interior and exterior plastering
  • Installing interior staircase
  • Plastering all interior walls and ceilings
  • Build plasterboard interior walls, including earthwool insulation.
  • Plastering all interior walls and ceilings
  • Thermal insulation for the roof and exterior walls
  • Build Thermal plasterboard walls.
  • Soundproofing with mineral wool between the last floor and the loft
  • Run new drainage for bathroom
  • Installing new bathroom suite
  • Run new electrical wiring
  • Install central heating system including new radiators
  • Installing new flooring (hardwood floor / tiles / floor tiles / carpet)
  • Installing interior doors (4) and UPVC windows (3)
  • Installing new door linings, architraves and  skirting boards
  • Painting and decorating all interior walls and ceilings
  • Scaffolding
  • Final rubbish clearance after the refurbishment

Price: Starting from £59.900 + Vat

Duration of the project 55-65 working days

Payment method 30paid up front, 30% after the first fitting, 30% after the second firing and 10% at the completion of the project.


* All the materials and the transport are included

* We can do the project with our architects only at the client’s request

* Cabinetry and furniture installed only at client’s request

* Public liability insurance

* Electrical and gas safe certificate issued upon completion

* End of refurbishment cleaning

* Each extra work requested by customers during the project will be notified on time and price will be sent in writing within 24-48 hours, depending on the complexity of the project. The requested changes will start only after the customer’s approval and they will be added to the initial quote.

* All works are executed according to a written contract, which includes all the details of the project and final prices.

Loft Conversion ( 3 Bedroom + 1 bathroom )

For more than 20 years Services & Business London, together with its partners, has been offering loft conversions to clients at affordable prices. If you wish to add more space to your home, a lost conversion might be the solution you need. Why not use that space to create an extra bedroom, crafts room, play room or an office?

Our team is experienced in all aspects of top quality painting, decorating and wallpapering, rendering, plastering and damp proofing works, electrical work, plumbing works and many more. Everything is done according to the client’s desire and vision and our aim is to exceed those expectations.

We have gained an enviable reputation over the years for designing and delivering some visually appealing high-end loft extensions. The best part about loft conversions is that many of them can be done under the ‘Permitted Development’ so no planning permission is needed. However, if you live on designated land or have a certain style of property that’s tricky to convert, you may not be covered by permitted development.

We collaborate with professionals with a very wide range of experience and we ensure the excellent quality of the work in painting, decorating and applying wallpapers, rendering, plastering and damp proofing works, electrical work, plumbing works that include also the central heating, refurbishing of the kitchen and bathroom and a lot others. All the work is guided by the client’s wishes and vision and our goal is to successful making the dream come true.

Due to our partnerships with a wide range of suppliers in London, we can offer to the client anything that they ask for. We respect the deadlines and we put a high price on following the safety rules, also because we know that it is not easy to stick to your daily schedule while your house is like a building site we take care of that and we try to keep the place as clean as possible.

Thanks to our specialists architects and designers, the loft conversion project will be done flawlessly from A to Z. you will know each step of the project, what changes will be done, what the costs will be, how long the project will take and what changes to expect. Everything will be done with your approval and we will be more than happy to help you with advice and ideas so that the project will exceed your expectations.


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