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Kitchen Furniture Fitting

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Service Description

Kitchen Furniture Fitting in London.

Price Kitchen Furniture Fitting in London, starting from £30/hour

Our company offers besides constructions and renovations of houses also commercial buildings and selling of furniture for your house, especially kitchen furniture, only by order.

Our company cooperates with many famous factories in Italy, for any type of furniture that you want, starting from kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, depending on the preferences and needs of our clients from London, from locally areas and beyond, as appropriate.

We offer various models of quality kitchens, which can include the project depending on what our customers want, on the available space that you have available in your house but depending on the economic possibilities of each client.

We offer several models of Italian furniture, especially kitchens, which can help you to take your inspiration from, where you can find different models to suit all tastes, and for future we will add other interesting patterns, depending on our clients’ requests.

We can offer discount if the orders are large or continuous, in case of some collaborations with various investors or large construction companies.

To offer a competitive price to all of our interested customers, for furniture that we put at your disposal and that we sell it mainly in London or nearby, we do not have for the moment a showroom exposure of our products, due to high costs for rent and other costs that are necessary in case of a show room, costs which would have incisors on the final price of the furniture.

However in the future we intend to open a furniture showroom in London, in order to provide all those interested, the most popular models, trying to maintain a competitive price on the market.

The quality and the durability of furniture for your house is a priority for us and it is very important to be lasting, and aesthetic in the same time and be exactly what you like and represent your tastes.

We can offer this complete service, starting from the required measurements of available space for what you have chosen as the furniture, to the project and to the transportation and installation of furniture in your home.

All our fitters with which we collaborate and which are working with the assembling of furniture in your house, they have experience of minimum 10 years in Italy, at the famous factories or showrooms.

Each model of furniture that you want to buy through us, can be produced in different shapes and colours and patterns in different types of quality depending on customer preferences and economic possibilities that they have.

For those interested in buying furniture from Italy, please contact us by email is, to give us more details, then we will contact you to discuss in detail exactly what you want.

Currently on our site you can find only kitchen models, which is the main type of furniture that we focus more and more, but besides kitchen furniture, our customers will be able to buy many other types of furniture.

We are selling other furniture models for those interested, only if you buy the kitchen and through us, which is our main activity in the field of furniture, besides the building part (refurbishment of the house, apartments and commercial, renovation, loft conversion, extension, new build, etc .).

Price Kitchen Furniture Fitting in London, starting from £30/hour


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