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Refurbishment & Construction Camden Town, Regent’s Park

House Extension Camden Town, Regent’s Park.

Loft Conversion Camden Town, Regent’s Park.

House Refurbishment Camden Town, Regent’s Park.

Flat Refurbishment Camden Town – Regent’s Park.

Electricians and Plumbers Regent’s Park – London.

Kitchen Furniture Fitting Camden Town – London.

House Renovation in Camden Town, Regent’s Park.

Office & Shop Refurbishment Camden Town London.

Bathroom & Kitchen Refurbishment Camden Town.


Service Description

Refurbishment & Construction Camden Town, Regent’s Park

Camden Town – Regent’s Park

If you life in the Camden Town-Regent’s Park we can offer you house, flat, bathroom and kitchen refurbishment, loft conversion, house extension or commercial refurbishment.

Camden Town often reduced to Camden is a northwestern neighborhood of London, England. It is the administrative center of the London district of Camden and it is identified in the London Plan as one of the 35 major London Greater Centers. Our team is experienced in all aspects of top quality painting, decorating and wallpapering, rendering, plastering and damp proofing works, electrical work, plumbing works inclusive of central heating, kitchen and bathroom refurbishments and many more in Camden Town-Regent’s Park. Everything is done according to the client’s desire and vision and our aim is to exceed those expectations.

Placed as a residential neighborhood, Camden became an important location during the early development of the railways, which strengthened its position on the London Channel network. The industrial economic base of the area has been replaced by service industries such as retail, tourism and entertainment. The area now houses street markets and music venues that are strongly associated with an alternative culture. Because we want to keep the charm of this area, we know exactly how to refurbish your home or how to build you a new one.

Services & Business London, together with its partners, takes care of everything that has to be done in Camden Town-Regent’s Park, from removing a throwing away old furniture, demolish and completely renovating apartments, houses, shops and offices, setting up the necessary installations, to assembling new furniture and final clean up.

We know how important communication is for the success of the project that is why we keep in touch with the customers from Camden Town-Regent’s Park at every stage of the project. We pay a lot of attention to details that is why everything is precision managed to achieve a first class finish. We are a trusted company both in the private and the public sector and we can deal with tight timelines and challenging environments. We do not have hidden costs and all expenses are controlled at all stages

If you have a construction or refurbishment project in Camden Town-Regent’s Park, contact us and we can make the project together. A house in London’s Camden Town-Regent’s Park area or in any other area can be refurbished in various ways at affordable prices or higher ones, depending on the size of the house,  the area, the materials used, etc. The refurbishment project will depend on what you want to do with it: rent it, sell it or live in it.

House Refurbishment Camden Town, Regent’s Park, Loft Conversion Camden Town, Regent’s Park, Plumbing and Electrical Camden Town, Regent’s Park, 

House Renovation Camden Town, Regent’s Park, House Extension Camden Town, Regent’s Park , Flat Refurbishment Camden Town, Regent’s Park.


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