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Refurbishment & Construction Hampstead – London

House Extension & Refurbishment Hampstead.

Loft Conversion & Refurbishment in Hampstead.

House Refurbishment & New Build in Hampstead.

Flat Refurbishment & Construction in Hampstead.

Electricians & Plumbers in Hampstead – London.

Kitchen Furniture Fitting in Hampstead – London.

House Renovation & Refurbishment Hampstead.

Office Refurbishment, Shop Refurbishment London.

Bathroom & Kitchen Refurbishment Hampstead.


Service Description

Refurbishment & Construction Hampstead – London


For the Hampstead residents, but also for those in other areas in London, we have attractive refurbishment and extension projects for any budget. Maybe you want to refurbish your house, apartment, kitchen or bathroom? Maybe you want to refurbish your shop or office? Maybe you want to extend your home? Or maybe a loft conversion?

No matter what you are looking for we can do it. Our 20-year experience in this field, gives us the advantage of knowing all the secrets in the building industry. Either we talk about a house, a flat or an office in London, we along with our partners from the construction and refurbishment industry can arrange a complete refurbishment.

We can give you a lot of examples of successful projects completed by us. The work begins with a discussion that we have with our client when all the details are settled. We are able to refurbish single rooms or to change the whole utility of a space.

Hampstead, known as Hampstead Village, is an area in London, England. Part of Camden’s London district, he is known for his intellectual, liberal, artistic, musical and literary associations. It has some of the most expensive dwellings in London. Hampstead Village has more millionaires within its limits than any other area of ​​the United Kingdom. We can meet their expectations and refurbish their homes according to their standards.

Our team has a very wide range of experience and we ensure the excellent quality of the work in painting, decorating and applying wallpapers, rendering, plastering and damp proofing works, electrical work, plumbing works that include also the central heating, refurbishing of the kitchen and bathroom and a lot others. All the work is guided by the client’s wishes and vision and our goal is to successful making the dream come true.

No matter what will be the destination of your home, if you want to sell it at a high price, if you want to rent it or if you only want to keep it for a long period, using our services, by a good renovation and with the best advice we can add value to your house and make it worth a lot more. We can refurbish your home using finishing materials like flooring, tiles, plumbing, doors and windows. It all depends on the customer’s wish and choice.

House Extension Hampstead – London, House Renovation Hampstead – London, Plumbing and Electrical Hampstead – London,

House Refurbishment Hampstead – London, Flat Refurbishment Hampstead – London. Loft Conversion Hampstead – London,


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