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Refurbishment & Construction Covent Garden – London

House Extension in Covent Garden – London.

Loft Conversion in Covent Garden – London.

House Refurbishment in Covent Garden – UK.

Flat Refurbishment in Covent Garden – London.

Electricians & Plumbers Covent Garden – London.

Kitchen Furniture Fitting Covent Garden – London.

House Renovation & Refurbishment Covent Garden.

Office Refurbishment, Shop Refurbishment London.

Bathroom & Kitchen Refurbishment in Covent Garden.


Service Description

Refurbishment & Construction Covent Garden – London

Covent Garden

Services & Business London, together with our partners, can offer you the house extension or refurbishment in Covent Garden or other London areas.

Covent Garden is a London neighborhood between St. Martin’s Lane and Drury Lane. It is associated with the former fruit and vegetable market in the central market, now a popular shopping and tourism venue, as well as the Royal Opera, also known as Covent Garden. That is why the area can become quite crowded.

Who does not want to have more space and if your house can be extended, why not take advantage of this? Many would ask why not move into a new, bigger home? But when you have invested into your actual home and if the Covent Garden neighborhood is convenient for you, buying a new home is out of the question. So you look for other solutions such as house extension.

The Covent Garden neighborhood is filled with historical buildings, theaters and homes of past artists. We can keep and even increase their value thorough refurbishment with high quality materials and professionals.

Services & Business London is a trustworthy company in London with more than 20 years of experience. We work with the best professionals in this field, that is why we are able to finish any project in due time and offer the best results.

If needed, we can also take care of all the paperwork, besides the construction part, only to give the customer confidence and peace of mind. We can apply for the needed permissions and certification and also arrange council inspections. Depending on each case, you might need a planning permission, demolition permission, consent for scheduled monument and other types of approval from the local authorities.

Everything that you need for the refurbishment of your home in Covent Garden, we can take care of. We will discuss together with the client about the project and the final price.

For each new project in Covent Garden or other areas in London we give a free quote and estimates at the outset, also offering our customers professional opinions on how to add value to their homes by changing their layouts. We always respect the timeline and we give realistic completion dates.

Our team has all the experts needed for the works, starting from average workers to architects, plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, tilers, painters, janitors, etc. We will take care of all the necessary steps to achieve a perfect refurbishment or new construction.

Loft Conversion Covent Garden – London, Plumbing and Electrical Covent Garden – London, House Refurbishment Covent Garden – London,

House Renovation Covent Garden – London, House Extension Covent Garden – London , Flat Refurbishment Covent Garden – London.


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