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Refurbishment & Construction Holland Park – London

House Extension & Refurbishment Holland Park.

Loft Conversion & Refurbishment in Holland Park.

House Refurbishment in Holland Park – London.

Flat Refurbishment in Holland Park – London.

Electricians & Plumbers in Holland Park – London.

Kitchen Furniture Fitting Holland Park – London.

House Renovation & Refurbishment Holland Park.

Shop & Office Refurbishment Holland Park – London.

Bathroom & Kitchen Refurbishment in Holland Park.


Service Description

Refurbishment & Construction Holland Park – London

Holland Park

For those who live in London, especially in the Holland Park area, we can refurbish your homes and apartments, shops and offices at affordable prices and with high quality materials.

Holland Park has a reputation as a rich and fashionable area and it is well-known for its great holiday homes in Victoria, top quality shops and restaurants. Our team has trade agreements with a wide range of suppliers from Holland Park and London to be able to offer anything that the client may ask for.

Our goal is to achieve the transformation to your dream house in Holland Park as soon as possible and in that matter we work only with the most experienced staff, like tillers, carpenters, decorators, painters, electricians, plumbers, bathroom and kitchen fitters and so on.

No matter what will be the destination of your building, if you want to sell it at a high price, if you want to rent it or if you only want to keep it for a long period, using our services, by a good renovation and with the best advice we can add value to your house and make it worth a lot more.

We can refurbish your home using finishing materials like flooring, tiles, plumbing, doors and windows. It all depends on the customer’s wish and choice.

We have in our team people specialised in all the aspects, like top quality painting, decorating and wallpapering, rendering, plastering and damp proofing works, electrical work, plumbing works including also the central heating, kitchen and bathroom refurbishments and the list can continue. All of our work is done based on the client’s wishes and the goal of our team is to be better than it is expected from us.

It does not matter if your desire is to focus on a single room or if you are thinking about a large scale refurbishment, our team can help you to use the space in a proper manner.  We use materials, fittings and fixtures of the best quality for the result that we are achieving to be as close to perfection as possible. Our team will firstly take care of all the repair work that is necessary to be done and after that, when the structure is excellent, the refurbishing project will be completed.

House Extension Holland Park – London, House Renovation Holland Park – London, Plumbing and Electrical Holland Park – London,

House Refurbishment Holland Park – London, Flat Refurbishment Holland Park – London. Loft Conversion Holland Park – London,


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